Gift bags printing method-silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is a method of printing in which ink is forced through a design cut in a piece of fine cloth. It is one of the most popular printing methods on variety of products.

Let’s talk about the advantages of silk screen printing which widely used in our gift packages industry.
Firstly, the required squeegee pressure is not high when printing. So this printing method is also applicable to fragile products. Even glasses could be printed with this method.
Secondly, the ink film thickness of silk screen printing is very thick. With a strong covering power, even very small dots could be printed clearly. Both printed images and words can be full and vivid.
Thirdly, Silk screen printing has few requirements on the inks. Different inks are all suitable for silk screen printing.
Fourthly, Silk screen printing is unrestricted to shapes of printed products. No matter the printed product is with plane surface or curved surface.
Last but not least, the cost of silk screen printing is lower than other methods. It is more suitable for mass printing.

In our gift bags making, we usually use different fabrics, cotton, velvet, satin, organza, linen, microfiber. Each fabric could be printed with silk screen printing. And the printing effect is also perfect.
Some customers require printing gold logo on the bags. Here we always suggest gold logo printed with silk screen printing, rather than gold foil. It seems that gold foil logo covered some glittery gold powder. The silk screen gold logo is a firm gold color.
So gold foil gift bag will be fading for the logo after using a period of time, while silk screen printing bag won’t.

Please take the following two pictures as a comparison. The first one is gold foil logo and the second one is silk screen logo.

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