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Lime Green and Navy Blue-Trending Colors Bag

Colors are generosities that nature offers us. No matter quiet blue or vibrant green, we could find their traces from nature.

Today, we will share two classic and trending colors with you. These two colors are favored by many people, especially Americans and Europeans. One is lime green and the other is navy blue.

Lime green is a bold and bright color, similar to the color of the skin of the citrus. Lime green represents youthful, energetic and confident. These meanings are shown on many products, garments, shoes, bags and jewelries. Besides, lime green also looks great when matching with blue, grey, purple and white.

We are keen on searching trendy colors for our bags. The following lime green jewelry bag is made of lime green velvet fabric. Two layers velvet fabrics stick together to consist the bag’s body.  Silk ribbon is same lime green, could be tied as an elegant bowknot. The jewelry bag is with a gusset, so the capacity would be larger than plain one. We adopt emboss printing method to print the logo, very simply and with a stereoscope feeling.

Compared with gutsy lime green, navy blue is more dignified. Navy blue is a very dark shade of the blue color. Navy blue is a color of trust, peach and loyalty, just like people’s eternal love for this color. Why we called it “navy blue”? Because it is the color that has traditionally used for uniforms in the British and other navies.

The following drawstring bag is a navy blue gift pouch. It is made of soft satin fabric. Just pull the silk ribbon drawstring rope slightly, the bag could be seamed very well. The silky pouch is perfect for sweets, jewelries, hair extensions or other crafts. Size and logo could be personalized as your request. If you want to promote your brands, the tiny navy blue pouch is a very good choice.

If you want to make a bag conveying the value of your personalized brand, just e-mail me. We could offer you a perfect solution.


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